Rap Talk with PremRock: A Clean Well Lighted Place


I’m a simple man with simple tastes. Mainly anything peanut butter flavored and a traffic free commute to work , I’m as happy as they get. If my peanut butter and jelly routine is compromised or if a looky-loo rubbernecks at the Hollywood sign for too long, then I’m the human equivalent to the planet Krypton. You can say my love-affair with rap music is the same way. I like what I like and I have routines, so to speak, and when someone, or something, messes with my routines, I get all sorts of a high and mighty and break-up with rap for weeks, months at a time. Like that couple you know. Ya know, the one couple that is seemingly always either on the outs or on the road back together. What gets me back in, each and every time, is someone, or a particular album or even a song, that I can tell there was a clear and concise thought process. Both before, and during, the creation. …Then I’ll let a couple of stinkers derail me and I won’t come back around until it happens again. Seems sadistic, right? Well that’s where PremRock comes in. Way back in April, he released A Clean, Well Lighted Place. It’s pretty much a masterpiece, as far as I’m concerned, because it has the head nod factor, the think piece, the love(ish) story, and a carefully curated litany of producers who brought their best Hemmingway-worthy backdrops. Prem’s version of Ernest’s collection of words with the same name is quite similar to that of the original. Just replace the old man’s brandy with PremRock’s whiskey. Sort of. But who cares what I think, there’s tons of words out in the blogosphere that have been typed about A Clean, Well Lighted Place. I had the fortune to talk to PremRock, while he was touring in Europe, about it, so let’s pick his brain, yeah?


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